Leadership skills for architects – Challenge

Welcome to the Rose of Leary challenge!
Rose of Leary challenge
We now outline 5 situations. For each situation answer questions A & B:

A) In which position would you advise to go to get everyone cooperating again and why?

B) What would you say to improve the situation and cooperation?


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Your project lead says (with loud voice): "I just got a call from our new client that the product fails! What the hell have you been doing?"

Your project lead says (with strong, cold voice): "Either you do what I tell you, or your successor will."

You need urgent help from your colleague from production. But these guys normally push back. You ask them for help. Your colleague responds: "I am busy.."

As a leader you give direction. What position do you need to create buy inn? But in order to create buy inn, which position do you really need to use very frequently?

A newly arrived group lead coming from another company says after joining for 3 weeks: "In my previous company we did organize things better. From next week on I am going to change the processes."

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